Marv & I


Everyone, meet my friend Marv! He lives in Hannover, Germany, and this weekend, I got to meet him for the first time. Marv and I have been penpals for many years. We started writing each other before facebook, and I am pretty sure before I even had a cell phone. A lot of people start writing their pen pals in school as a project but don’t continue it very long. Marv has become more than just my friend and pen pal, he is my brother. After all, it seems like we have grown up together.

Before flying here to Morocco, I messaged him and asked how likely it is that I could fly to Germany to see him. Never did I ever think that I would actually get to do it. Seriously, it seems so funny that I thought I would never get to meet him in person, and then it happened! How surreal. I booked my flight into Düsseldorf early in the semester and began planning my next adventure in Europe to see my long lost brother.

Once I arrived in Düsseldorf, I rented a car and began the 3.5 hour drive to Hannover. The first thing I noticed was how great the radio stations are in Germany. It seemed like every preset station in the car was amazing. Bravo Deutschland! I can’t tell you how thankful I am that I chose to rent a car and make the drive. One of my favorite things in this world is to drive at night. It clears my mind and is so relaxing — strange, huh? Not having slept the night before, I stocked up with RedBull before leaving the airport, although looking back, I was so excited that I probably could have managed without it. Driving to Marv’s house allowed me to see so much of Germany. I would have never thought that I would find the same joy and wonder that I have for Québec in another country. But after a few minutes on the Autobahn, I knew Québec had its competition.

After enjoying the sights from the Autobahn and the smaller roads that I took, I finally arrived at Marv’s! I buzzed his apartment’s number and heard the door click signaling that he had let me into the building. I opened the door, and he was there waiting to give me a big hug.


Thursday night, the day I arrived, we decided to go out to dinner and then come back to catch up. We had lots to talk about. We relaxed with our stomachs full and stayed up late chatting.

Friday morning, we both slept in. We had plans of traveling a bit, but decided we would be too crunched for time, so we stayed in Hannover. He took me to see Old Hannover and even took me inside the New Town Hall — which was incredibly beautiful on the inside. They had displays of how Hannover looked throughout the years. It was cool to see how the city changed and test my limited knowledge of the streets. It was also interesting to see the miniature replica of Hannover after the British bombed it, completely destroying the city, and then post rebuild.


Outside the New Town Hall.

On Saturday, Marv and I drove about an hour away to Wolfsburg to visit Autostadt. Autostadt is a huge museum that showcases German made cars, both old and new. Each building is dedicated to a different make of car. We toured the Porsche and Lamborghini buildings. We also saw the older cars displayed in a larger portion of the museum. Along the way, Marv had some good laughs as I practiced reading the signs in German. Yikes!

We spent the rest of Saturday enjoying each others company and watching funny movies. I, unfortunately, had to leave Hannover at midnight in order to make my flight back in Düsseldorf. On the way back to the airport, I took a different route so that I could see even more of Germany.


Thanks Marv for the awesome weekend in Germany. It was crazy finally getting able to meet you in person after so many years of writing. As I told you, it is your turn to come to the States now. (; Danke mein Freund.

Until next time my friends, stay savvy.

With much love,