The Beauty of Madrid

This past weekend, my friend Jordan and I packed our weekend bags and set out for Madrid. In order to get there, we took a petit taxi > grand taxi > train > grand taxi > plane > metro. As you can see, it was quite the journey, but well worth it.

If you’re on my facebook, you probably already know that my iPhone was stolen at lunch one day. However, I didn’t let it ruin my trip. I have decided to dedicate this post to all of the other beautiful things that I did/happened on our trip to Spain!

  1. Our hostel we stayed in was great!
  2. Jordan turned on the lights when we first got there at 3 am, waking everyone up. “The Americans have arrived!” : P
  3. Then she fell down the stairs, making everyone we just woke up giggle.
  4. We met Ali from San Fransisco
  5. We took a walking tour where we saw the World’s Oldest Restaurant, the Royal Palace, etc 11013479_1084512178250437_4311184078379104672_n11990562_1084511804917141_1620735210079529231_n
  6. I got to play a Spanish king known as the “lazy king” in front of our tour group 12191595_1084511908250464_596218140023779615_n
  7. We ate paella almost every day
  8. We saw a temple donated to Spain by Egypt IMG_5223
  9. We spent time in a gorgeous rose garden
  10. We listened to street performers 12047081_1084512598250395_3929082080662056145_n
  11. We took pictures with the famous bear statue
  12. We indulged in a taste of the West with Dunkin’ Donuts
  13. Spent time in Buen Retiro Park
  14. Ate tapas on a tapas tour of Madrid Taberna-del-Chato-08
  15. I drank tons of XXL Sangria, my favorite
  16. I tried ordering food in Spanish… and accidently ordered two of everything
  17. Ate some great Thai food (I miss Chang Thai!)
  18. Visited the “Museo de Jambon” ate tried expensive hams MuseodeJamon-01
  19. Found some great gifts for my family and friends
  20. Made it home safe and sound

I recommend Madrid to anyone that wants to visit Spain. As one of my favorite professors told me, Madrid is great for getting lost to the city late at night. It was so refreshing to walk around late into the night, exploring the beauty of the city.

With much love,